Deleting .VAFIIORS file virus Instantly

Delete .VAFIIORS file virus from Windows 7

.VAFIIORS file virus may have entered your pc through these software. If you have not installed them , then get rid of them Nexus 1.0 , Head Soccer , Fable: The Lost Chapters 1.0.1 , Quickscale 3.9.12 , FlickrGet 0.8 , Doc Merge 3.0.2 , Time Sheet Manager 2.1 , PowerPlant Frameworks 2.2 , iChatOnLogin 1.10 , Reflow 1.7.3

Displayed publisher: .VAFIIORS file virus
Installation folder: C:\Program Files\.VAFIIORS file virus
Program executable: .VAFIIORS file virus.exe
Path: C:\Program Files\.VAFIIORS file virus\.VAFIIORS file virus.exe
Addition Files (Malware Detected)
(Malware detected) .VAFIIORS file virus.dll
Ransomware.Win64..VAFIIORS file virus.CC by Quttera
Variant of Win64/Ransomware..VAFIIORS file virus.B by McAfee-GW-Edition
ProposalCrypt Ransomware by AegisLab
Remove .VAFIIORS file virus Now!

What Kind of ransomware .VAFIIORS file virus is?

MBR Ransomware

Avenues Using Which .VAFIIORS file virus Distributes Itself?

P2p File Sharing

What Encryption .VAFIIORS file virus Uses?

RSA-2048 Encryption Algorithm

Are all files targeted by .VAFIIORS file virus virus?


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Does .VAFIIORS file virus targets files using AES based Encryption?


Ransomware drops ransom note or not?


Which OS does .VAFIIORS file virus targets?

Windows 10, 7, 8.1, XP & Vista

Windows Error caused by .VAFIIORS file virus are – 0x8024200A WU_E_UH_CANREQUIREINPUT A request to the handler to install an update could not be completed because the update requires user input., 0x80242010 WU_E_UH_FALLBACKERROR The update handler failed to fall back to the self-contained content., 0x80244FFF WU_E_PT_UNEXPECTED A communication error not covered by another WU_E_PT_* error code. , 0x000000FD, 0x80240008 WU_E_ITEMNOTFOUND The key for the item queried could not be found., 0x00000007, 0x80240003 WU_E_UNKNOWN_ID An ID cannot be found., 0x000000E7, 0x8024800D WU_E_DS_NOCATEGORIES The category was not added because it contains no parent categories and is not a top-level category itself., 0x8024AFFF WU_E_AU_UNEXPECTED An Automatic Updates error not covered by another WU_E_AU * code.

Ransomware demands ransom in Which form?

US $

Is there any deadline for Ransom payment to .VAFIIORS file virus hackers?


Does Ransomware hackers provide decryptor tool after ransom payment?


Can Ransomware targeted files be recovered?


Ransomware infects 6.1.7600.16385, wabimp.dll 6.0.6000.16480, wmpnssci.dll 11.0.5721.5145, wpdconns.dll 5.2.5721.5145, secproc.dll 6.0.6001.18404, mqoa.dll 6.0.6000.16386, 3.0.4203.835, wbemess.dll 5.1.2600.0, ipsmsnap.dll 0, 2.0.50727.1434, netshell.dll 5.1.2600.5512, comctl32.dll 6.10.6000.16386, EventViewer.resources.dll 6.0.6002.18005

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